Our Strategy

The Bank’s Strategy Map below is a graphic depiction of the strategic plan to achieve its mission and vision.  The strategic plan is supported by over one hundred  initiatives that are designed to help the Bank deliver increased value to stakeholders and the entire nation.

The initiatives have been prioritized according to potential impact on economic development,  the institutional transformation of the Bank and its operational efficiency and are planned for implementation over a seven-year period. Some of the top priority strategic initiatives that have recently been completed or which are currently well underway are listed below.

Top Priority Initiatives

  • Assistance to the Government of Belize in the successful restructuring of Belize’s external debt (Completed March 2013).
  • Introduction of the new Domestic Banks and Financial Institutions Act (Completed January 2013).
  • Implementation of a program of Monetary Policy Reform for more effective policy transmission (ongoing).
  • Development of  Belize’s Financial Infrastructure -  implementation of a National Payments System to automate and enable safe and efficient financial transactions (ongoing).
  • Development of  Belize’s Financial Infrastructure – implementation of a Credit Reporting System to share credit information, reduce risks for financial institutions and  increase access to credit (ongoing).
  • Implementation of an enterprise business system and procurement of data management and econometrics software to improve internal efficiency and governance (ongoing).

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