Board of Directors

The Central Bank of Belize Act provides for the appointment of a Board of Directors that is the policy-making body of the Bank. The Board meets at least 10 times in each year, on dates designated by the Chairman to ensure that it fulfills its role of ensuring corporate governance of the Bank.

Requirements of the Board of Directors

Following the appointment to the Board, each member is required to maintain the general conditions for qualification of directorship as laid out in Section 15 of the Central Bank of Belize Act. Members are also to subscribe to the standard of conduct as defined in the Code of Conduct for Board Members

The current members of the Board of Directors are:  

Mr. Joey Montalvo Chairman
Mr. Nestor Vasquez Vice Chairman
Mr. Nigel Ebanks Member
Ms. Vanessa Retreage Member
Mr. Joseph Waight Financial Secretary (Ex-Officio Member)
Ambassador Joy Grant Governor (Ex-Officio Member)
Mrs. Marilyn Gardiner-Usher Deputy Governor, Financial Services (Ex-Officio Member) 
Mr. Kareem Michael Deputy Governor, Research, Financial Supervision, and Compliance (Alternate)
Audit Committee 

The Audit Committee of the Central Bank of Belize, as a sub-committee of the Board of Directors, is charged with monitoring the Annual Work Program within the framework of the Internal Audit Charter to ensure compliance, efficiency and effectiveness of internal control systems in the Bank.