Mission and Objectives

The Central Bank of Belize’s mission is to advance the wellbeing of Belize by facilitating sustained economic growth, protecting the value of the Belize dollar, and assuring a safe, sound and efficient financial system.

As part of its mission, the Bank has set the following operating objectives and goals to achieve its vision:

Vision Statement

An organization defined by a culture of excellence, leading financial transformation and enabling national development.


  • Promote monetary stability
  • Regulate the issue and availability of money and its international exchange
  • Regulate and maintain the integrity and reputation of the financial system


  • Provide prompt and well-considered macroeconomic information and advice to the Government of Belize, the business sector and the general public
  • Provide efficient banking services to the commercial banks, the Government of Belize and various public sector bodies and regional and international organizations that hold accounts at the Bank
  • Provide guidelines to the banking community on matters such as money supply, interest rates, credit and exchange rates
  • Set high standards of efficiency and organization so as to encourage higher levels of attainment in the Bank